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About us

A History of Tradition and Innovation

Founded in 1980, Arevale started operating in the distribution of sand and gravel in the Vale do Paraiba region and Sao Paulo. In 2004 the concrete products facility was implemented in Quiririm, Taubate (Sao Paulo State) and in 2008 the second production line was launched, expanding the company's product offering.

In 2013, Arevale implemented its first 100% automated production line at the Roseira Facility (Sao Paulo State). The acquisition of equipment and technology from the USA expanded production significantly and stimulated the launch of new product lines in the region. "We are very proud of the Arevale facility in Brazil, which now is at its highest level of development, fully equipped and automated. This facility will be able to supply a broad range of high quality products and will definitely become a benchmark in Latin America and the world, attesting our leading position in the supply of plant design and equipment that can produce a great variety of high quality concrete products", says Ricardo Birkner, International Sales Director for Columbia, supplier of concrete products machines for Arevale.

On the interlock paving segment, the colored pavers with face mix render stronger colors, a great diversity of color tones, smoother and better finished surfaces, a reduction in pigment usage as well as a highly competitive price. The Facility has therefore been accredited as one of the most modern in the segment in Latin America.

The company has recently centralized its production at the Roseira facility (Sao Paulo State). The unit in Quiririm, Taubate (Sao Paulo State), remains active to welcome and attend to its clients.

With a focus on improving process efficiency, transparency in results and cost reduction, Arevale is getting ready to launch, in 2016, its first RENEWABLE ENERGY COGENERATION POWER PLANT, with capacity to serve up to 20 thousand homes.

Arevale believes in the excellence of its industrial processes, the prompt delivery of quality products and the development of a qualified team to meet clients' needs.